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What is Montgomery County Police Department doing to provide a safe, embracing community for those who have Autism / IDD?

The Montgomery County Police Department has hosted Autism / IDD Night Out in the past.

By hosting and or participating in large group events the agency found this to be a better way to reach the entire community in a fun way and in a large scale platform.

So now we are combining these events together to get the community together!


At this event you can...

  • Meet and greet with the officers in the unit.

    • Officers will be available for pictures​

  • Learn about resources- available to answer any questions/ concerns related to wandering safety or general questions 

  • Learn about what the unit is providing as far as resources, education, training.

  • We will have wandering safety kit supplies on hand. 

and much much more...


The Montgomery County Police Department also partners with Pathfinders for Autism.

Pathfinders for Autism is scheduled to be on hand at the event as well.

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